Frigid Weather Can Lead to Burst Pipes and Water Damage in St Louis

“Increased heating bills won’t be the only problem homeowners could potentially face when the weather gets this bad. Freezing temperatures can easily result in pipes bursting, causing substantial water damage to St Louis homes.

Pipes tend to burst in frigid temperatures because water expands as it freezes. The frozen water within the pipes will continue to expand as long as the freezing temperatures keep up. Eventually, the water grows too large for the pipe to contain, resulting in a burst pipe. Exposed exterior pipes are at the highest risk of bursting due to wind chill.”


St Louis Fire Restoration Experts Provide Simple Fire Prevention Tips

“Fires are one of the most devastating disasters that can affect a home and the family that inhabits it; consequently, nothing will be more important than your safety. Once the fires have died and the smoke has cleared, a reliable St Louis fire restoration company like Demand Remodeling and Restoration will be able to restore your home to its former glory.

Nevertheless, preventing house fires should be your first priority. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize the chances of a house fire.”


Professional Water Damage Restoration in St Louis Works Both Ways

“The danger of a flood as a result from a burst pipe or even harsh weather will give St Louis, MO residents enough to shudder about. Temperatures in The Lou teeter a few degrees on both sides of subzero, and a pipe may burst after being exposed to cold for long periods of time then flood the immediate confined space in short order. The danger requires effective water damage restoration through St Louis contractors such as Demand Remodeling and Restoration.

A water damage restoration job usually requires pinning the leak at the source before your preferred contractor deals with the affected area; the evaluation of the area will help the contractor map a detailed quote. However, Mott states that the hardware store’s management and the city government were deadlocked over liabilities; the water for the entire area was also closed down. The situation eventually prompted Rainbow to have a contractor dig up the pipe and install a stop valve between it and the street.”


St Louis, MO Basement Waterproofing Firms Warn of Snowmelt Flooding

“Even with proper runoff systems, some water may manage to seep into the basement. Give it enough time and it can pool enough water to ruin your HVAC unit and plumbing. Nothing gets better than a proper St Louis, MO basement waterproofing plan in stopping sheer amounts of snowmelt from entering.

You can mitigate, if not prevent, the effects of snowmelt by clearing as much snow as possible around the basement wall perimeter. Snow too close to the basement wall can easily seep into it via cracks and crevices. Worse, as CBC News reports, seepage may not be part of a typical homeowner’s insurance.”


Odd Weather Leads to Pipe Breaks & Extensive Water Damage in St. Louis

“Pipes and water lines across the county are freezing and bursting, causing major water damage in St. Louis and other areas in the Midwest crippled by the cold. A news article from Fox 2 Now St. Louis describes several issues that various property owners experience with the ever-changing temperatures in the city and the surrounding areas:

“Severe weather last week continues to impact St. Louis area residents this week. Bitter cold caused some underground water mains and even indoor water pipes to freeze and break.”


Fire Restoration in St. Louis: Rebuilding Routines and Real Estate

“In order to get back to their normal lives, property owners should seek assistance from St. Louis fire restoration companies like Demand Restoration. Their trained professionals perform property evaluations so owners can understand the extent of the damage, and they also recommend the most suitable restoration alternatives. In addition to having years of acquired knowledge, they have the skills to deliver quality workmanship on each property they reconstruct.

The article states that a section of the Servco building is still intact, meaning there’s still room for rehabilitation. Valuable real estate can be reconstructed with the assistance of seasoned experts who know how to conduct efficient fire restoration in St. Louis. These experts can also guide property owners in claiming their insurance and help them recover from their loss as soon as possible.”


St. Louis Water Damage Restoration: Life After Deep Freeze Damage

“However, there is life after the deep freeze that has left so many homes in St. Louis beset with water damage problems—if you call a St. Louis water damage restoration company, like Demand Restoration, for help.

Experts at fixing water damage to homes dealt by storms, leaks, or burst pipes, these companies have one goal when they enter your home on an appointment: return your home to its original condition. Even if busted pipes might have you feeling like it’s the end of the world for your house, you can still have it looking good as new through effective water damage restoration in St. Louis.”